Charlie and Rosie
Charlie and Rosie

Charlie is now turning 3, and Rosie is almost a year old.  Both are great all around dogs.  Easy to get along with, no terrible habits – although Rosie is still a work in progress. They definitely help me get exercise, even if they prefer to start before 5a.m.

Those of you who have read this site before, most likely know about my 2 year old English Shepherd.  Charlie is a great dog, and just passed his therapy dog test.  He now has a job visiting a nursing home and a summer program for children with special needs.  I also now have a 11 week old female English Shepherd that we named Rosie.  She’s learning quickly, but needs to be on a leash most of the time while outdoors, away from home.

ThunderSnap Quick Connect Leash
ThunderSnap Quick Connect Leash Package

Thunderworks recently sent me two products to review.  The first is a ‘Quick Connect Leash’.  I’ve been using this with Charlie and am pretty impressed.  We drove from Maine, to Ohio, to Indiana, back to Ohio and back to Maine and used the Quick Connect every time we stopped.  I left the collar cap to his collar, and just kept the leash handy.  The end of the leash connects via a magnet to the collar piece.  Charlie’s 50 lbs, and it had no problem holding him.    I could not pull the two pieces apart when I tried, before putting it on him.  The release slide works easily to remove the leash.  My one piece of advice is to always check that it connects before letting the dog move.  I made the mistake of assuming it connected once and it hadn’t.  Thankfully, Charlie is not one to run off.  You don’t have to fuss with the connection, but a gentle pull will insure its connected.    Charlie keeps the Quick Connect on all the time now, and it comes in handy when we are hiking, visiting or getting in and out of the car a lot.   I don’t like to leave a leash on in the car, and this saves time and fumbling around.

Quick Connector - attached to collar
Quick Connector – attached to collar

We hike a lot, and he is good at staying with me off leash.  I do worry about other dogs we may meet, or if there is a lot of traffic at the parking areas, so I do like to have a leash handy.

The M/L leash is designed for dogs weighing between 26-60 lbs.  Charlie is 50lbs, and it had not problem holding him.  The leash is a decent 5′ in length and 3/4″ in width.   I find it extremely convenient and easy to use.  One of those improvements on something that’s been around a long time!

Both dogs wearing their Thundershirt leashes at their veterinarians office.
Both dogs wearing their Thundershirt leashes at their veterinarian’s office.
Dial-A-Distance Retractable Leashj
Dial-A-Distance Retractable Leashj

Both leashes are well made, with reinforced connection areas.  They are comfortable to hold on to, and all connections open easily and close securely.   I’ll be using both frequently, and will report back in a month or so with any updates.








Thinking about the theme of this site ‘some New, Old thing’ while looking at the Leatherman Juice CS3 that I received for review purposes.  Well, Leatherman has been around since 1983.  Although, that wasn’t THAT long ago, they are a well established business.  Their new products have some new features that increases their usefulness. Anyone who spends time outdoors, has most likely heard of them, or owned one of their tools.  I’ve had a few over the years, and the only downside has been that you can’t take most of them on an airplane.  A few years back I almost missed a plane because I forgot to take my Leatherman tool out of my purse and had to run back to the parking garage to lock it in my car.  Thank goodness I had that option, because I would not have wanted to give it up in order to board the plane.

Leatherman Juice CS3
Leatherman Juice CS3

To the rescue – the Juice CS3!  It doesn’t have a blade, so it is travel safe.  It does have scissors, corkscrew assist and bottle opener.  Safe for traveling and handy almost anywhere.  I plan on taking the one I am reviewing with me to Iceland in a few weeks.  We will be camping and being able to open different types of food packaging, and any first aid supplies will be important.  I’m thinking the Juice CS3 will fit take care of those jobs.

Check out the initial part of the review HERE

The Juice CS3 (MSRP $30) opens it all with scissors, a bottle opener and corkscrew assist. Without a knife blade, the CS3 is the perfect travel-friendly addition to any toiletry bag or suitcase, and it comes with Leatherman’s 25-year warranty. With a closed length of 4 inches and weighing only 1.6 ounces, the Juice CS3 is available in Cinnabar (red), Moss (green) and Columbia (blue).


I got lucky the other night!  Yep, I won a pair of earrings – and they are super cute and comfortable.  I wanted to give a shout out to the company Spent Rounds Designs  Check out what I wrote HERE, and their website.   Family owned, American company, with great recycled products – what more could you ask for?     2017-05-22_1106


Since I truly believe winter is almost over, even here in Maine, I decided to start thinking about summer and what do we need to get ready.  First and foremost?  Keeping the mosquito, black fly and tic attacks to a minimum.  Second, nothing ruins a good time outdoors like a sunburn.  So, for the first part of this review, I’m going to look at some products from a New Hampshire company: Badger Balm   I’m starting with the bug repellents, since we’re already seeing tics starting to come out, even though we have a few feet of snow on the ground.  The repellent comes in three versions; balm, stick and lotion.  Read on to see what I’ve found so far  CLICK HERE