Made by Hand

Jennifer makes some interesting combinations of scents and colors in her homemade soaps.  She’s been creating handcrafted items since she was a child, starting with learning to crochet from her mom.  She catches on to new crafts quickly, and is always looking to try new things.  Her Etsy shop carries her soaps and bath bombs, and she’ll be adding her new endeavors as they are ready.  I’m hoping to see her beautiful calligraphy work added soon.   Jenn lives a plain lifestyle, as do the Amish and Mennonites, among other groups.   Her soaps have few ingredients, making them wonderful for those with sensitivities to certain fragrences or dyes.  She carries soaps for men also, which could make for a nice, useful gift for Father’s Day.
Check out her soaps and bath bombs here:




Most people find Teddy Bears to be comforting, either to snuggle with, or as we get older as maybe a sentimental reminder, or a souvenir from somewhere or someone special.   These wonderful handcrafted memory bears are made with love! Either in memory of a departed loved one, or as a reminder of a happy occasion such as a wedding or graduation. As someone who also sews, I am impressed by the quality of the workmanship, and the attention to detail.


The bears pictured above would be great gifts for someone who has a loved one serving our country.  They are made from actual uniforms that are no longer in use. Comforting, and a loving reminder.  If you’d like more information, or to order a bear, please contact Kendall at:


June 6, 2016

I think that Appalachia must have the greatest concentration of crafters and artisans in the country.  I came across Three Leaves Carving in Kentucky the other day, and Chuck, the carver agreed to let me share some of his work with you.  I can say, I wish I could post in 3D, because his work is gorgeous in the photos, and must be even more so in person.  I’m including some pictures he shared with me, and a brief description of each piece.  Contact him at: for purchasing information, or to order something special.  The pens are made of Olive wood, which comes from Bethlehem (a certificate of authenticity comes with each pen).



The scroll work is hand made using a scroll saw.  Each clock is unique. Chuck is able to do them in different types of wood, contact him for more details.

All hand made platter and goblet set.  The wood is Spalted Box Elder, and the stand is ebony.  The platter is just over 9″ around, and the goblet is over 7″ tall.  The salad bowl on the right is 14″ round and over 5″ deep.  It is made from Norfolk Island Pine, and can also be made from other woods.


The above picture is hand cut on a scroll saw, the pattern is cut completely through the wood.  This type of work takes over 100 hours, just to cut.  The actual picture is 3’x2′.

Email Chuck at for more information, pricing or to order.  He does take Paypal, and ships quickly, with tracking.  Like his Facebook page ‘Three Leaves Carving’ for more pictures and information.



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