New Thoughts & Old Ideas

The name of this website ‘Some New Old Thing’ is expressed as the theme to most of the information shared here, although in many different ways.   One of the ways it shows up in my life, is through my dogs.  Years ago – more than 30 now- I got my first dog.  He came from an Amish farm in Ohio, and I had no idea what type of dog he was, other than tiny and cute.  Turns out he was an English Shepherd.  Best dog ever, according to everyone who met him.   We loved him so much, that we got a female and over the years they had 3 litters of puppies.  Being a rare breed, the ability to add a few good dogs was great.   Moving forward all these years, I was able to purchase a puppy that was a descendant of my original two dogs.   Its amazing that 30+ years later, those same things I loved back then, are now part of my life again.

I’ve mentioned my dog Charlie a few times, and some of you have seen his pictures on our social media accounts.  He’s turned in to a great dog at 2, and I couldn’t be more pleased.   Charlie is an English Shepherd, which is an old time farm collie breed.    They are protective of their homes and families, and extremely loyal.  He alerts us if something or someone appears out of place.  That could be someone he doesn’t know near the house, or a piece of equipment in an unusual place.  They are active, but also have an ‘off switch’ when its time to relax.  The breed is not a cookie cutter breed by any means.  Some lines exhibit different qualities in different ways.  Charlie does not exhibit a strong herding drive.  He is a good exampe though of the breeds’ nickname – English Shadow.  He is extremely gentle, and good with kids.  He learns very quickly, and is eager to please.   English Shepherds need a job – and if they don’t have one, they will create one for themselves.  Many are involved in agility competition, barn hunts, work as therapy dogs, and service dogs.  Charlie is training to be a therapy dog, and will be visiting a summer program for children with special needs this summer, along with nursing homes.

English Shepherds are great dogs, in the right environment.  They don’t normally do well if left alone for long periods of time,  or living in a small apartment.  They need physical and mental stimulation and activity.   We spend a lot of time hiking, learning new tricks, going places where he can be around others and hanging out together.

My family is so happy with Charlie, we’ve decided to get another dog.  Our new girl will be coming home in early July. She is a black and white pup, and has no common relatives with Charlie, going back many generations.  Ironically, she is coming from the daughter of the breeder of our original female, Chelsea.  Right now we are trying to come up with a name for her.  Would love to hear your suggestions!  The only parameters at this point, is that it would go well with ‘Charlie’ and be short and easy to pronounce.  Please comment your ideas here, or on our Twitter or Facebook accounts.  Here is a picture of the girl, or her sister (we haven’t picked which of the 5 girls in this litter will be ours)ES Pup