Spring is here!  Know how I can tell?   The mosquitoes and black flies are out and biting!  Also, things are turning green, and flowers are starting to bloom.  I’m getting my vegetable garden ready for planting – which here in Northern New England, happens Memorial Day weekend.  A  friend made me some cute rocks to mark the rows, and I didn’t use them last year – maybe that’s why my garden didn’t do too well?  I will be using them this year, but wanted to share them with you.  She’s a great artist, but I bet they wouldn’t be too horribly hard to make.   Finding the right shaped rocks might take some time, and the ‘perfect’ colors, but I bet the end results would be great.

Not sure if this has spread all over, but there are people who are painting inspirational rocks, and leaving them for others to find.   There is a large group in Northeast Ohio that is doing it, and they have a Twitter and Facebook page where you can let others know when you have found one.  The idea is to find the rocks and either re-hide them, or keep it and leave another. Cleveland Rocks

We have a student group here in Maine that has just started doing it also.  I’d love to hear of others who are doing this – alone or groups.

Some ideas to get you started: Pinterest Rocks!     pinterest rocks


It’s been a long winter, and its really only about 1/2 over.  I believe February 3rd was the 1/2 way point.  Living in Maine, that means long, cold, dark days.  What to do to keep from getting cabin fever?  I try to spend time outdoors, and Farm Dog Charlie makes sure I don’t forget.   I enjoy seeing the birds that stuck around all winter, and feeding them.  I’ve decided I wanted some bird feeders, but of course, I don’t want to buy the ‘regular, usual, or ordinary’ kind.  Where did I go to get ideas?  Why, Pinterest of course!    Below are some I really like, and I plan on starting with the cup and saucer type first. I’ll have to check with my bird loving expert on what he recommends for feed.  I particularly love cardinals and blue jays, but hope all the local birds will stop by.

Visit our Pinterest Bird Feeder page to see more ideas!