Do any of you collect anything?  Vintage?  Antique?   I only collect a few things ~ old sewing machines, but most I fix and pass on.  Cast iron cookware, but I actually use the pieces I have.  So, do those still count?  Maybe, but that’s how I justify the lack of extra space.

I have found a lot of people collect old canning jars.  I know I have about 100 jars, but all but two are not very old at all. I love the new colored jars too that Ball Canning Jar Company makes.  You can find them here:

I found this cool chart that shows the style of Ball logo used during different time frames.  I’m going to print it out, stick it in my purse, or save it to my phone so I can check in case I find an old jar or 3…   The few old jars I have I use to store things in, like small amounts of pasta, rice, etc.  You have to be extremely careful about re-using them to preserve food in, especially if you use a pressure canner.  Any crack, chip or fault in the glass can cause them to break, and if they break in the canner, it would cause the others to most likely break also.

What year range do you think the jar in the side picture was made? Now, I’m going to keep my eyes open for any old ones I come across.


What do you collect?  Feel free to leave a comment below!