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My daughter and I took a trip to Iceland, and I would go back in a heartbeat!  We flew into Keflavik and rented a car.  Keflavik is on the western coast, within an hour of Reykjavik.  We drove along the southern coast, heading east.  I was concerned about getting lost, and not understanding road signs.  That worry was totally unfounded.  The road signs are easy to understand, and plentiful.  We stopped the first night at a camp ground and fell asleep quickly.  I woke up and looked outside – and saw a very clear rainbow.  It was 2 a.m. local time, and light out.  About what you’d find right before dusk.  Muted colors, but still easy to see into the distance.  In the morning, we got back on the road, and found a small bakery to stop and get some pastries and coffee.



My daughter and I are planning a trip to Iceland.  For years, I’ve looked at pictures, and wanted to go,  but the ‘right time’ never seemed to arrive.  Well, with a bit of a push from the younger traveling companion, we’re doing it. Reservations made for our flights and rental car.  Flights are only 5 hours from Boston.   I’m not the best flier – I don’t want to look out the window, and I can’t focus on a movie.  My favorite flights are when I sleep from before take off until landing.   Wowair.is has some good deals, which truthfully are better between October and May, then during the summer months, but still under $500 round trip/per person.   Our travel date options are mid-June through August, and we really rather go when they have 20 hours of sunlight, then when they have only 4 hours. Renting a small car for a week was under $300 with unlimited milage.  We plan on camping, and doing a lot of hiking.  Would love to kayak while there also.

I’d love to hear suggestions and helpful information from anyone who has traveled to Iceland!  I’ll keep updating, especially as the trip gets closer, and while traveling.  ~

Some helpful links:

south.is ~ great information about things to do, places to stay, etc in the southern part of Iceland

northiceland.is ~ same idea, but for the northern part of the country