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I recently started ordering organic produce from  Every week, I receive a box of assorted fruits and vegetables.  I never know what will be inside the box, but so far there hasn’t been anything we won’t/don’t eat.  The boxes consistently weigh about 25 pounds.  Once in a while something will have a bruise, but that’s rare, and no worse than what I have purchased at the grocery store.  It is a great value, when compared to organic produce purchased at a store, and a good value compared to regular produce.  There is an option for a smaller box, less than once a week delivery and you can stop and start service at any time.  I’m including a couple pictures of recent boxes so you can see the variety.  Just last week they added options to have ‘add ons’ included.  You can add one of each of the choices.  I picked fresh mint, chocolate and avocados.  There are other items also, and the options change weekly.

Misfits Market operates out of the Philadelphia area, with overnight shipping.  They serve the east coast, and west to Ohio, Alabama, etc.  Some areas close to their warehouse are able to participate in a trial and indicate a preference for what’s included in their boxes.  Hopefully, that will expand also.   The company uses all recyclable packaging, even the ice packs!  I throw mine in the freezer and reuse them frequently.  The company also employees people who have recently been released from prison, providing them with a job, and stability to help them maintain a safer, productive life.

This week’s box: 70285775_981121298910162_4115407362032926720_n (2)

In the green bags are green beans.  The two large, lumpy things are celery root (celeriac).
What I’ve used so far:

  • Juiced the lemons and froze in ice cube trays.  Its great to have on hand to add to sauces, or tea.  We seem to be passing a cold around, and hot tea with lemon is very soothing.
  • Baked potatoes, simple but great with pulled pork
  • Beets, I never liked beets until I started getting them in the Misfits boxes.  I just cut off the ends, boil until semi-soft, peel, slice and add some butter.  They are so good, even cold.
  • Mint – I stripped the bottom leaves and  added them to hot water to let it steep, thinking I was going to make mint ice cubes to use later on.  Turns out it was oregano.  I am rooting the stems that still had the top leaves on them.  Maybe I will get lucky and get an oregano plant?
  • Red peppers are chopped and in the freezer to add to recipes later on.
  • Carrots are in the fridge, and will be part of Thanksgiving dinner, along with the butternut squash.

Now I just need to figure out what to do with the celeriac.  Green peppers and onions went to a friend,  zucchini and cukes will be used as zoodles and in salads.  Kale will either be used in Zuppa Toscana, or will be juiced.   I’m saving the chocolate for later – maybe to try while watching a Christmas movie.  It’s dark chocolate, so no one else will eat it in my house.

Some of the other boxes we’ve received:

74601256_10157820492633169_194543404120539136_n (1)71024681_10157666218423169_6895562533369806848_n

I have a discount code if anyone would like to try it out – you’ll receive at least 25% off your first order.  You’ll also receive a discount code to share with your friends, and will receive a discount also when they use your code.

Misfits Market has really pushed me to try new recipes, new foods and to eat healthier.  I’d love to hear what you think if you try it!

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It really ‘boils’ down to buying less pre-prepared, packaged food,  using what you do buy, and being creative.  Coupons help, but its harder to find coupons for fresh foods.  Try or for a decent selection of coupons in general.  One of my favorites is  That site posts the latest coupon releases, and other info for saving money.

iBotta    My code is: jjyjia

Checkout 51   You receive $5 in your account, as a new member.


I’d love to hear your ideas – please feel free to comment an idea, or recipe.


  1. denahli says:

    Big meals cooked In The instapot, then freeze. Biggest waste I found with big meals is just getting bored eating the same thing day after day. You get variety this way and no leftovers in the trash

  2. Real food, not processed and packaged junk. Shop local farmers markets and be prepared to haggle. Buy on sale and with coupons. Look for local salvage markets. You can get stuff for pennies on the dollar. Buy all your clothes at thrift stores. Name brands for pennies on the dollar. OH! And grind your own meat. You can get old meat grinders on eBay for a few bucks. You can save money grinding your own meat and making things like chili out of leftovers.

  3. Pam Wyant says:

    The main way I save is to plan meals around whatever is on sale. Avoiding buying convenience foods and instead buying the ingredients and cook it myself saves a considerable amount and is often healthier. Learning to can has provided long term savings, since I can buy in bulk and preserve it for later, eliminating things going to waste, and gives me a steady supply of various foods. For those who are able to grow a garden, this would provide even more savings.

  4. Chris Ritter says:

    I like to purchase for example a spiral sliced gamut it as a meal, then ham sandwiches, ham salad, ham & scalloped potatoes & finally ham & somekind of bean soup. A similar thing can be done with turkey as a meal, turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, turkey pot pie & turkey vegetable soup.

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