Like a Memory

Occasionally, a company will supply a product for us to review.  This is great – we get to share our thoughts with you, you get to hear about some cool things, and companies get feedback on their products.  Sometimes it will be an old favorite revisited, other times it will be a remake of a classic.

I’m not sure how many of you had one of these blankets growing up, but I remember the one my family had.  It was the warmest blanket in the house.  We used it on our bed, when we went on long car trips, we created ‘tents’ with it in the living room, and after about 25-30 years, it became a dog bed for our favorite dog.  It wasn’t the softest at first, but over the years it lost the scratchy feel and the fibers were so soft.

Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket
Pendleton Glacier National Park Wool Blanket

Pendleton is celebrating the centennial year of their National Parks line, and the National Parks.   I never knew what our blanket was called, until I saw the pictures on Pendleton’s website.  Turns out, I’ve loved the Glacier National Park version all these years.

Lucky for me, Pendleton has provided one for review purposes.   At first, I didn’t want to take it out of the package.  It brought back such great memories, I put it where I could see it, still wrapped in plastic.  Seems sort of silly now, but it really did remind me of my parents and grandparents and how many memories included that blanket somehow.   One night this winter I wasn’t feeling well and could not get warmed up.  I decided that wool blanket was what I needed.  I spread it out on my bed over just a flannel sheet.  I’d like to say I immediately felt warm and cozy, but I can only assume that’s how I felt, since I fell asleep so quickly I have no real idea.  I often have trouble sleeping through the night, but that night, and many others since,  I have slept better.  The blanket has some weight to it, and I think helps me stay asleep.  Its not ‘heavy’ in a restrictive way though.  Just enough to let you know its there.

From Pendleton’s website:

Since the early 1900s, Pendleton Woolen Mills has honored America’s National Parks with a collection of distinctive park blankets. Glacier Park National Park Blanket was one of the first. Its historic markings and colors date back to the frontier trading posts. Traders would indicate the weight of the blanket offered in exchange for furs by holding up one finger for each pound. The original blankets incorporated three, four or five black stripes in the design, which indicated the value of the blanket. Colors and variations of the original striped theme have been adapted to reflect distinguishing characteristics of each park and blanket in the collection. National Park Blankets are still woven at the original Pendleton Woolen Mill in the foothills of Oregon’s Blue Mountains, just as they were more than 100 years ago.

  • 100% pure virgin wool
  • Dry clean
  • Made in the USA

I love that they are still made in the USA (Pacific Northwest), just like they were 100 years ago!   The story my father told about the blanket, is essentially the same as Pendleton’s story above.  We always called it the ‘Indian Blanket’.
Another thing to love is that although the blankets need to be dry cleaned, they are easy to shake out or brush off.  I have a couple dogs, and they don’t always wipe their feet before jumping on the bed.  I’ve been able to use a damp cloth to wipe off a paw print, and actually shake or vacuum the blanket while cleaning.  It looks brand new – and I’m hoping it lasts 25-30 years like the last one we had.   This blanket is definitely not cheap – its well made, long lasting and expect to pay for quality.  I figure the price is worth it, as I’d rather buy a great blanket that lasts, then a cheap one that needs to be replaced often.   Be sure to check out the other National Parks blankets, and other related items.

Since winter keeps coming back to Northern New England, the blanket is still on my bed.  It will stay there until the nights stay above 40 degrees.  That may be late June…  I plan on packing it in a cedar chest until next fall, just like my mom did.  She said it kept the moths out, and kept the blanket from getting damp.  I know what damp wool smells like, but not sure if cedar really keeps moths away?  Does anyone know for sure?