Some more Sights of Montana, this time featuring old barns and buildings.  Old barns have to be one of my favorite sights while out driving.  I always wonder about the farmers and families that used that barn, and the animals it housed.

Sights of Montana ~ West central area in the shadow of the Elkhorn Mountains

These were taken by Paden Wager – email: for purchase information

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Some great sunrise shots over Lake Erie, Northeastern Ohio, by Jane Doherty Clark

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Such stunningly beautiful flowers. Great reminder that spring is on its way. By Jane Doherty Clark, Ohio

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Sunsets on Lake Erie in Northeastern Ohio.  Take by Jane Doherty Clark. Aren’t these the most relaxing pictures?  There is nothing like a sunset (or sunrise) over water.  Watch for more photos from her, and please remember these are her photos that she is sharing for your viewing pleasure – do not reuse them elsewhere.

This is the Old Arcade in Downtown Cleveland, Ohio  It was built and open to the public in 1890. It cost $875,000 to build.  I love old architecture and will include pictures from different places and by different photographers.  These pictures were taken by Rose, another old sewing machine lover.  She works across the street from the Old Arcade and can visit it often.  I remember going there as a child.  Our once a year trip into the city.  Cleveland has developed a bad reputation over the years, but recently many parts of the city have been rebuilt and are very vibrant.